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EST 2017

13th - 15th

October 2023

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Step back in time and experience the vibrant legacy of the Vikings in the historical heart of Mercia where our Living History Viking encampment brings to life the very place that was once home to the Vikings in the 800s. 

Repton, steeped in ancient history, opens its doors to you as we transport you to the 9th century, the era when Vikings roamed these lands. As you wander through our Living History displays, you'll witness the daily routines of Viking-Age families and skilled craftsmen, engaging in activities that once graced these very grounds centuries ago. 

The Repton encampment invites you to become a part of history in action. Embrace the opportunity to try your hand at ancient crafts, and see the artifacts up close, unearthing the tangible past of this historic site. In the spirit of authenticity, our craftsmen not only demonstrate their artistry in cooking, weaving, blacksmithing, and candle-making but also offer their wares for sale, just as the Vikings did in their bustling markets. 


Expect the unexpected as dramatic scenarios unfold before your very eyes. Will you witness a thief caught and facing the justice of the Jarl? The raw intensity of the moment as the accused stands before the Jarl's judgment will immerse you in the complexities of Viking law and order. Feel the fervour and passion in the air as the preacher addresses the Viking community, sharing timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance. 

Join us at the Repton Festival in Derbyshire for an unforgettable journey through time. Relive the vibrant heritage of the Vikings who once ruled Repton. The allure of the Viking Age awaits, and the echoes of the past are yours to be discovered! 

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From Beads to Bones: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, and the making of England

Join us for a captivating talk by KEY SPEAKER Dr. Cat Jarman, one of the leading experts in the field of Viking history and a familiar face on TV. With her years of experience as an archaeologist, author, and television presenter, Dr. Jarman has made groundbreaking discoveries in the field of Viking history. Her work on the Viking burials found in Repton has shed new light on the lives and deaths of the Vikings who lived in this area and what their burial practices can tell us about their society. 


During her talk at the Repton Festival, Dr. Jarman will share her insights and knowledge about Viking history and her experiences as a TV presenter, making this a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most knowledgeable and passionate voices in the field. 

Am I a Viking? Exploring Your Ancestry Through DNA

Join Heritage Conservationist Tony Waldron on a fascinating journey of self-discovery as we delve into the realm of genetic ancestry in order to answer the intriguing question, 'Am I a Viking?' Using the speakers’ own DNA profile, this enlightening talk, will help to unravel the mysteries of discovering your heritage using the power of DNA analysis. Join us as we explore the science, history, and cultural significance of tracing your ancestors’ origins and how the regions your ancestors hailed from have influenced your identity.   

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