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13th - 15th

October 2023

Repton School Building Walls

Our Values


At the heart of our festival are the numerous local volunteers and organisations whose involvement in our community make the festival possible. Our band of volunteers embrace the festival creating their own infectious community that seeks to realise our ambition of a festival with a positive local and global reputation. Their support has created a well-managed festival environment and enhanced our ability to react to local needs.


The greater Repton community is host to many Ukrainian refugee families and in 2022 we were delighted to provide filmmakers from one of these families with the ability to produce a short movie documenting the nomadic life of this family from the Donbas region of Ukraine to their new “home” in the UK. The movie was screened to a packed theatre of fellow refugees and their UK hosts. It received a rapturous reception which provided this displaced community with the opportunity to share experiences and admire the work on one of their own. All hosted by Repton volunteers and the local Derbyshire Constabulary!


Our International project team was created to facilitate educational projects in Africa that directly involve local schools and organisations in our community.   


Our festival location in the civil parish of Repton in South Derbyshire is of historic significance and noted for the historic buildings of St Wystan's Church, and several Repton School buildings.


​Repton was once the capital of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia and St. Wystan’s Church is of national importance. It holds an Anglo-Saxon crypt of the 8th and 9th centuries, which held the bones of St. Wystan and was a place of pilgrimage. With its spiral decorated columns and vaulted roof, the crypt is one of England's most precious survivals of Anglo-Saxon architecture. 


In 873 the Great Viking Army descended on Repton and established a fort by the River Trent from where they ventured by longboat deeper into England. In recent years, ongoing archaeological investigation has enhanced our knowledge of the Repton Vikings and our festival seeks to inform our festival audience of the Viking dimension in Repton.


To the east of the church are the remains of Repton Priory, an Augustinian house founded in 1172. Its precinct wall and arch of its 13th-century gatehouse are still important features of the village. After the dissolution of the Monasteries, part of the priory buildings became the home of Repton School which was founded in 1557. Another part became Repton Hall, which today is also part of the school.

​Repton is home to great words, thoughts, and deeds, burying kings, educating performers and growing sporting heroes.


​Repton School has long been recognised for its accomplished alumni: including...

Roald Dahl, Jeremy Clarkson, Christopher Isherwood, actors Basil Rathbone, Tom Chambers and Nicholas Burns and ex-Derby County footballer Will Hughes.


At our festival, inclusivity is at the heart of our mission. We strongly believe in embracing diversity in our content and creating an atmosphere of welcome for all attendees. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to our guest speakers, who cover a wide range of political opinions, ensuring that multiple perspectives are represented and valued. Additionally, we have made it a priority to actively encourage and promote female authors, recognizing the importance of amplifying their voices in the literary world. By embracing inclusivity in both our content and guest selection, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels respected, heard, and inspired to engage in meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas.


At our festival, creativity stands as a core value that permeates every aspect of our celebration of the Arts. Our primary goal is to share the transformative power of creativity with as many people as possible. To achieve this, we offer a diverse range of workshops that enable participants to explore and nurture their own creative expression. Furthermore, the structure of all our events is intentionally designed to foster a dynamic and interactive dialogue between our talented performers and the audience, encouraging a creative exchange of ideas and emotions. The festival's approach is to curate an imaginative experience, made possible by the dedication and passion of our team of volunteers who work tirelessly to bring forth a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere for all to enjoy.

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