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EST 2017

13th - 15th

October 2023

A vibrant celebration of cinema that brings together filmmakers, industry professionals, and movie enthusiasts.

With a prolific career spanning over several decades, John Stephenson has directed some of the most memorable and beloved films in recent memory, including the critically acclaimed Interlude in Prague and the timeless classics Babe and Animal Farm.

In addition to his impressive filmography, Stephenson also spent several years as the Head of Jim Henson's Creature Workshop, his expertise in puppetry and animatronics has been instrumental in bringing fantastical creatures to life on the big screen, earning him widespread acclaim and admiration from his peers in the industry.

At the festival, Stephenson will draw on his experience in both filmmaking and puppetry to share his unique insights and perspectives on the art of storytelling. Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker or a lover of great movies, you won't want to miss this incredible opportunity to hear from one of the most talented directors in the business. 

John Stephenson Headshot
Two members of the Gala Brass Quintet with baratones

We are thrilled to introduce the Gala Brass Quintet, a group of exceptionally talented musicians comprised of highly skilled individuals, each member bringing their unique musical prowess to create an unparalleled sonic experience. With their virtuosity, precision, and passion, the Gala Brass Quintet promises to captivate your senses and transport you to a realm of musical splendour accompanied by a screening of some of films most iconic moments. Prepare to be mesmerised by the sheer brilliance and depth of their performances as they perform at Repton Festival!

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This timeless masterpiece of German expressionist cinema tells the haunting tale of Count Orlok, the undead vampire, who preys upon society in search of his next victim.

Experience the film like never before. Alex Binns, Director of Music at Derby Cathedral, creates a unique accompaniment on the 1929 Harrison and Harrison organ to send haunting melodies and eerie chords echoing around every specially lit shadowy recess of the Gothic Revival architecture, transporting you deep into the heart of the macabre world of Nosferatu.

A Nosferatu Poster
Nosferatu stands in a doorway

Graham Cole is a British actor best known for his role as PC Tony Stamp in the long-running British police procedural television series The Bill. Portraying the iconic character for decades made Cole's PC Stamp a familiar and beloved face on British television screens, and he became synonymous with the show's depiction of police work in a gritty urban setting.

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